On the way to fight the covid-19, Fumeikang has always been there!

Category : Company     Date : 16/03/2022
Covid-19 is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility !
The Covid-19 prevention and control situation in Dongguan remains grim.

The whole city is coerced to be in a state of rest

A new round of the covid-19 spread out ,has touched everyone's heart once again.

Fumeikang response quickly, overall deployment, stands up and moves in the opposite direction. We immediately formed a team to fight the covid-19 and strongly support to the epidemic prevention work. We will demonstrate our original mission with concrete actions and take our responsibilities. We work with all sectors of society to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, including large-scale nucleic acid testing, and build a safe line of defense for the people.

On March 15, Fumeikang actively responded to xiegang town's epidemic prevention and control arrangements ,to help prevent and control the covid-19 ,and demonstrate our responsibility.

Acting on the front line, move in the opposite direction

Fu Meikang's family took the initiative to meet the needs and schedules of the community even if sun is shining right overhead; Posted the detection code, maintain order, guide the public to do a good job of safety protection, be a gatekeeper against the epidemic, make our own contribution with practical actions.

Joint anti-epidemic activity , material guarantee

To help the epidemic prevention and control work to be carried out smoothly, Fumeikang actively responded to the Xiegang Federation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) to carry out the "joint anti-epidemic" activity, and sent loving materials to the front-line staff of the anti-epidemic.

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