FumeiKang being selected for 2022 Dongguan

Category : Company     Date : 06/06/2022

Recently, the Dongguan City Multiplication Office released the "Announcement on the List of Enterprises in Dongguan's "Multiplication Plan" in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "Announcement"). The "Announcement" pointed out that the Multiplication Office has carried out the dynamic adjustment of enterprises in Dongguan's "Multiplication Plan" in 2022. After deliberation at the meeting of the city's "Multiplication plan" work leading group, the list of pilot enterprises for the "Multiplication plan" and the list of synergistic multiplying enterprises in Dongguan in 2022 were determined, including 521 "Multiplication plan" pilot enterprises and 500 synergistic multiplying enterprises.


Note: "Multiplication plan" means that the goverment selects a batch of existing advantageous enterprises to focus on cultivation in accordance with the principle of " Choose the best, cultivate the best ", supporting enterprises to innovate through technology, develop the headquarters economy, promote mergers and reorganizations .Strengthening Industrial Chain integration, capital operation, etc. to enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and strive to use 3-5 years to promote the doubling of scale and efficiency of pilot enterprises. It is an important task for Dongguan City to vigorously support the real economy and promote high-quality economic development.


Dongguan Fumikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, specializing in all kinds of personal care products, including hair straighteners, curlers, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes and other personal care products. The company always implements the value concept of "taking technological innovation as the soul and quality as the guarantee", strictly in accordance with the high standards and high requirements of the industry, and implements scientific, refined, Standardized management. Determined to build a world-class personal care products manufacturing enterprise.


Fumeikang always insists

Integrity management, active practice of social responsibility

Make greater contributions to regional economic development!


Selected as a city multiplying enterprise

Inseparable from the great support and love of our clients and friends

Inseparable from the selfless dedication of every employee

Hereby express my most sincerely thanks!


Fumeikang will live up to expectations and strive to be better

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