Quality Policy
Committed to “Doing things right at the first time”, dedicate all resources for Continuous quality improvement to meet “Total Customer Satisfaction” in both Products & Services.

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Management Targets:
Improve Quality
Stimulate Environmental Awareness
Continuous Processing Improvements
Better Service Customers

Dongguan Fumeikang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd
Social Accountability Code of Conduct Management Policy

1. The use of child labor is prohibited, and any suppliers or subcontractors that use child labor or forced labor to damage the health and safety of employees are not accepted. Respect the freedom of employees and prohibit any form of forced labor.
2. Provide healthy and safe working and living conditions to ensure the work safety and occupational health of employees.
4. Provide an equal and fair work social accountability code of conduct, and prohibit any form of discrimination.
5. Reasonably arrange employees' working hours and rest time.
6. Provide reasonable wages and benefits to at least meet the basic needs of employees.
7. Respect the right of all employees to freely form and participate in labor unions and collective bargaining.
The company promises to comply with all SA8000 standard requirements and to comply with relevant international conventions, norms and interpretations, national laws, other applicable laws and other requirements that the company needs to comply with.

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Social Accountability (SAAS):
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